Saturday, June 29, 2013

"Christian Right View"


  1. I think I've seen this guy's work online recently before. It was a painting in which Jesus directly inspires the Constitution of the United States, whose authors are prayerfully making obsequies to Him. Among them is Benjamin Franklin, onetime member of the Hellfire Club, looking particularly devout. T. Jefferson also appears exceedingly pious.

    The guy's work is technically competent, and does have a certain creepy sincerity. But his worldview is completely loopy. I'm very glad the Christian Right has failed to advance its agenda. As bitterly as I resent the assimilationism of the gay rights movement, it's far preferable to what the fundies would like to impose on everyone.

    I have to admit, he does have a point about Obama, who has indeed been using the Bill of Rights (not the Declaration of Independence, as pictured here) for kindling. But he was preceded in this by G.W. Bush, who gets a pass because he's a good pious God-fearing Christian, unlike Barack Hussein Al-Zawahri Hassan-I-Sabah Obama.


  2. Yeah I expected better of a Kenyan Muslim Socialist Satanist Trilateralist Race Mix'n I've got a Secret kind'a guy.

    As for our pal Jon well his stuff is totally surreal so I give him a pass on his vague understanding of our real as opposed to presented history.

    Also I'm look forward to his painting on Satan, and the U.N. engineering the recent Court decisions.

    Come down to it in his way he's an idealist romantic, am I.

    Albeit from a different point of view.

    Yeah my heart melts as I see happy straight-gays celebrating the right to have crappy marriages. Hey a party's a party.

  3. Idealist romantic - yeah, that's me too. Visionary idealism is where it's at - like William Blake. Like Gloeden. Like Ralph Chubb.