Friday, June 21, 2013

"Lord of Hosts",...working overtime

Here's a snapshot of gawd.

At least one of the more candid shots of Him. There 'e is working in His office at night. What a sorry Bastard. 

I feel really bad for the guy.

He so well meaning, but nothing he does ever really works out.  He creates this end of the Mulitverse, far so good. Then he starts messing about with life. Next thing ya know there's sentient life all over the place.

Imagine a trainee chef with a million pots boiling over in the Celestial Kitchen! 

You know the rest. 

His pets the Angels start getting ideas of their own then we show up. 

Before ya know it Klingon's the bleeping Krell the Kazinti them weird Ring World Engineers Demons from that Hell he accidentally created,..and of course the Yeti, and all them other unofficial species that keep popping up.

Yeah if I was Him I'd be exhausted freaked out smoking, and drinking too much too.

There He is above working on us. 

Yeah he's always tinkering about trying to help us make sense of the crappy little lives  given to us. I'm on his table somewhere so are you. I think I see Napoleon, and Walt Disney in the background. 

What a mess. 

I hope He has better luck with the folks He's put on the other planets. Aw heck he's such a sweet guy I really hope it works out for'em, one day.

Stay tuned.

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  1. The Demiurge's prob is he thinks he's the One God, but really he's on a committee. That's why the universe looks the way it does. He needs to stop stressing and hang out with the Sun King or whoever. Z.