Sunday, October 28, 2012

"'re kidding"

Okay here's the deal. This latest storm from hell is freaking out everybody here in the Emerald City. The Mayor Daddy Warbucks sez to hit da road while there's till a road to hit. Like last time they're evacuating portions of the lower laying parts of the City.

They ain't kidding either.

The heat is telling folks to clear the hell out. They think we'll get winds, and  flooding like we ain't seen in 70 years. Okay yeah just more fear mongering,...on da other hand.  Wbai my beloved employer has order us to out by 5pm. The Subways are shutting down at seven. 

Btw I might stick around to give a play by play of the latest end of the world on the air. Heck my shift goest to 6am Monday so all this crap is on my clock. Swell I just got a printout from the City government saying that hanging around low lying areas would put your life in danger,...hummm.

Fuck it this should be fun.


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