Saturday, February 8, 2014

"A NEEDED RE-RUN"...w/Comments

"Sissy Meditation II"

Sissies Queers Faggots gave the world Color Magic, and Liberated Loving! I hear "straight gays" say, "...We're Just Like You!" "We're just like everybody else."


We are Not!

Never were never will be. We're Different..'Very' Different!

Imagine being on Fire!

On Fire!

BURNING BURNING BURNING, and Not being Consumed!

We're reborn from second to second.

Every cell every atom!

We wear a skin of Flame!

Our eyes are glowing coals of Jade, and Gold.

Our words are lightning, and our Dreams ignite Stars! we are 'not' like everyone else.

The act of creation is continuous. Walt Whitman shared his Dreams his Nightmares his Confusions his Joys as a 40 year long poem! This is what his "Leaves of Grass" was, and is.

A Life Statement a Life as a Celebration!

One long prayer to Forever.

The living bits of our joined creations filtered through pen paper brush canvas keyboard screen sky camera studio, and mic this is the collective voice of our Souls.

We say to Eternity We are Here We Dream We Create We Matter.

 This is who We Are.

This is How We Live.

We Burn.

We are the Fire that can 'Never' be put out.

(This is the latest re-write of the second "Sissy Meditation". I was going to do this on "Dragonfly" my Queer page. However the mood to work struck me here so... Anyway I eventually get around to posting it on my other page.)

 I'm thinking of doing a simple animation with drawings, and dolls with this as the text/soundtrack.

Stay Tuned


  1. Yes, this is what you should do. Your voice, your text, your inspired rant, your images, your dolls, and your drawings. This is your part in the same mission as Ralph Chubb was engaged in, this is your Leaves of Grass.

    Probably you should commit it to print as well as video. You never know when Youtube will go down.


  2. Yeah in my lucid moments I know this. I need to get stuff done while I'm still ambulatory. I'm starting to think about what I'm leaving for the world, and all that old guy noise. I think I did okay, but still crap to get done.

  3. I'm about a decade behind you, so I'm pretty much in the same boat, or coming up on it. In fact today I've been reviewing all my old stuff and trying to figure out what I'd like to do with the time I have left. My goals have always been absurdly grandiose, so a scaling down of projects to something achievable is probably in order.

    I'd like to think my work could make the world a better place for queer kids, but that seems like tall order for an artist. Maybe a teensy bit better for just a handful? One can only try.

    Remember about printing. Contrary to popular delusion, the web is not forever.


  4. Don't I know it. Maybe we could chisel Queer Angel Boys on granite walls it'll last a zillion months. Failing that print books on good rag paper like I used to do. My early stuff , 1973, is over 40 years old, and looks, and handles as good as new so it works.

    Old tech is good tech. Digital is like writing in the wind. It 'will' blow away.

  5. Yep, I said much the same thing during the Gays in the Military and Gay Marriage efforts. I was happy to be part of a world of Flamers whose flames couldn't be put out. - - - The whole liberal routine of "We'll tolerate you as long as you're straight... or at least aspire to be straight" is a weapon used against all kinds of people. 

    At least real rightwingers just save you time, and hate your guts no matter what you do (e.g., no matter how Ivy League White Obama is, they hate him). I think it's part of that 47% comment Willard the Golf Model made or the Barry Blackbush's swelling disgust whenever he talks at the unrepentantly Black people. 

     Audre Lorde had a nice quote: "It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences." But even more telling, explaining why our contemporary world needs outgroups, even as liberal ideology claims universal humanity, is Lorde's quote: "In a society where the good is defined in terms of profit rather than in terms of human need, there must always be some group of people who, through systematized oppression, can be made to feel surplus, to occupy the place of the dehumanized inferior."

  6. You nailed it comrade. If you're a white black person okay you can sit by the door so everybody will see how cool the Beast is. ...for now. Same with the straight gays. My G-ddess what an abomination these jerks are. Thing is with both white blacks, and straight gays they'll both be tossed into the ovens as soon as the Beast gets tired of being nice to them.

    This can and has happened at a moments notice. The loss of all rights by blacks during reconstruction, and the start of a century of terror, and lynchings. The extermination of secular culturally integrated Jews in Germany.

    Same with Muslims in the Balkans. All Europe sat on it's hands, and let Genocide come to the continent yet again.

    This Shit happens Over, and Over!.

    I'm always waiting for that other sharp, and deadly shoe to drop in this country.

    Better to be who we really are rather than try to cloak ourselves in the hand-me-down skins of those that would burn us, and burn us with joy, and laughter.

    Remember all the lynching photos that showed these horrors as community picnics. Smiling families come to see some niggers hanged, and burnt. As you sit reading this the same the exact same is happening to Queers. In Africa the Caribbean the Middle East, and Far East. That, and constant incidents all over the West.

    As we sit together. As I write as you read it's happening. There are millions I said "Millions" with an "M" that would welcome with happy hearts the stoning hanging burning, and shooting of people like us here. So when I rant I ain't kidding. I ain't.

    Watch ya backs comrades, and always help ya Brothers, and Sisters.
    Stay Tuned.


  1. This is absolutely brilliant Uncle! I just love it. Thanks!!!

  2. That's cool comrade. All in a days work for a Flaming Sissy!