Saturday, February 15, 2014

"Aw Crap! Not Again!!"

Greetings my Good, and Loyal Subjects. As you dear comrades know I've been ill for most of this winter. Turns out if was a tad more serious than I thought. Gee imagine my surprise.

Anyway my actual existence went to the physical, and emotional brink just recently. No I didn't see Angels..this time. However I think I glimpsed my 6th grade teacher, and that bastard that always stole my milk money.

A swell time was had by all especially me being the guest of honor at this going way party. Dammit my main concern was the family finding my seriously weird porn collection.

It includes every known gender age, and possible orientation. 

These items were for research purposes only of course. It's just I thought it might be misunderstood. 

Especially that stuff involving them Catholic school girls the Nurses that swimming pool them Great Danes the boy scouts them 400 pounds of meat loaf 80 gallons of Kool-Aid..cherry the naked Nuns with the whips, and that guy dressed as Abraham Lincoln.

To say nothing of them after hours Sea World videos with a 13 year old Justin Bieber, and that Olympic swimmer dressed as Tinkerbell.

Well suffice to say I didn't buy it..this time.

Although as the saying goes I feel like fucking shit. I'm in bed most of the time watching DVD's of my favorite shows. I just went through last years season of "Elementary".

Ah life don't ya just love it.

...and no I didn't give specifics. Com'on some stuff should stay mysterious around here.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Yikes! I'm awfully concerned about you Sidney. Once you're ambulatory again, I hope you'll hie thee to that place I told you about.

    BTW I've had a persistent cold for six weeks or so. Sickness bites the big one.


  2. This has been a hell of a winter comrade. Damned near bought it again. This is becoming a seriously bad habit. It's never anything 'big' like the Bongo Bongo Flu Vampire Zombie Worms or the Double Razor Purple Death.

    It always a bunch of little things that decide to kick my butt at the same time. I asked them guys from the Punjab is this HIV Cancer Demonic Possession or what?!!

    They say "no" they tested for all that.

    It's apparently just my age health, and annoyed grumpy, and generally nasty disposition that's bringing all this misery on. I was going to say Bleep You to Hell'n! hit'em all up side the head with my full bed pan, but was too tied down with tubes to get at them.

    Next time.

    Upside I got some Morphine again.

  3. Ah the wonderful opium plant & its benefic derivative. Morphine I mean, not that other stuff.

    Definitely sounds like a case of Demonic Possession. I'd contact your local chapter of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Tell them Madame Blavatsky sent you. If they can't do an exorcism themselves, they'll know who to send you to. I figure you probly don't wanna go back to those nuns from catlik school.


  4. Naw them penguins is totally off the list.