Friday, February 21, 2014

"Ahh Them Were the Daze"

Holy crap. 12 yeah "12" as in 7+5 folks came by here in the last day or so. it something I said. Well yeah okay I don't post several time a day like I used to, but still.

Ah how I recall the glory days when thousands sat at my feet everyday. Hundreds of thousands unique visitors all that cool noise. 'Course I was posting pictures of all sorts of naked people, and writing insane legally actionable screed, and rants.

All of which got the blog deleted,...several times.

Aw well we had a swell time though. These days I have all sorts of real life problems to deal with, not kicking the damned bucket in my sleep. Being older is a total fucking drag.

To whatever youngsters that may be out there...DON'T DO IT! Stay a teen twenty or thirty-something. You'll be glad ya did.

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