Sunday, February 2, 2014

"Strange Nights"

Like the sign sez "Strange Nights" indeed. For one it ain't cold 'been in the 50'sf for a few days here. Warm tonight as well so I went out for a stroll. Yeah yeah you've seen me take snaps of Times Square what. It's where I go when I have emotional itches...which I got plenty of just now.

I had dinner at the meat wagon below..a few snaps toward the middle below with the umbrella. Chicken Kabob yum!!

Lots of French in "The Deuce" tonight. 

Old handle for Time Square btw. Anyway lots'a French with a sprinkle of Italian, and Russian. Quite a dish that. I chatted with this Indian guy that asked directions. He was fascinated by that whole "Super Bowl" thing we're doing.

I told him he got the wrong guy. Foot ball was just gang assault'n battery to me. I'm just an old "Brooklyn Dodgers" fan. He'd heard of the Dodgers, but was surprised when I told him they'd moved to the Coast nearly 60 years ago.

Anyway we got to talking about Soccer which is a big deal on the rest of the planet. I said we were still just getting used to it here, but we'd have major teams soon what with the younger generations embracing it.

This got a laugh from him as he said it'd "be another hundred years" before we were "world champs". I said yeah we're the "White Sox" of the soccer world for now.  This drew a blank. I said "we suck". He got it then.

Anyway he wanted to go to the world famous Christopher Street. Tourista's always ask me about Gaie shit. Geez do I have a sign on me that sez "Aged Queer ask me Questions"?

I sent him in the right direction, but warned him "most of the Fags had moved to Brooklyn" because of the high rents. He laughed 'guess he thought I was kidding. 

Wait till he gets down there, and finds nothing, but expensive cafe's, and rich yuppies pushing baby strollers. 

'But to the Square. By now I had worked up a sweat. Hey it was a blistering 49f degrees. 

Aw the smell. 

This usually doesn't happen till late March. All that rotten garbage that Sanitation had put off picking up because they was battling all the slush, and ice was in super defrost mode. 


It hit me like a wall of stink as soon as I left the house.

On the up side the slush was gone. It was so nice to have solid footing again. Although they say the cold, and snow will be back next week I'm enjoying dry streets for now.

"The Object of my Journey" 

 Above is the Barbie "Skipper 50th Anniversary Doll". Skipper as we all know or should is our dear comrade Barbie's little sister. In real time she'd be what..ummm about 62 I think. Ha! That, and her big sister Barbie would be in her early 70's.

I wish them "Mattel" folks that make the franchise would issue a collectors edition of "Real Time" Barbies for her old fans.  Hell  I'd get one. 

As for the point of my journey yeah among other things besides getting the hell out of the house for the night. My point was to go over the main "Toys'R Us" shop, and pick up an edition of the "Skipper" doll.

Well I wasn't too surprise to find it was sold out. "It was gone in the first two days" a clerk told me.  I just checked on ebay, and it's going for several times the retail price. It's now $140., and going up. One greedy character wanted $175. for it. 

Fuck that.

Hey I'm bleeping poor these days so anything over $40/50 bucks it off the doll menu. Aw well. There is one way though. I can ask my dear radio fans if they know where I can get one at cost or something reasonable.

I love my radio pals they like you have been with me through all my scary demented adventures, and have helped me when I needed it some even send me dolls. How'bout that!

Next on the list is Medical Cannabis. I need for for the damned nausea. I've had a problem with this for months. The crap they proscribe doesn't do the trick not really. Yuck I frigging hate being bleeping sick all the time.

I'm going to try to get it legal if not it's Bodega "Nickle Bags" for me. That's that no way around it. The stuff works like a dream. A few puffs, and my tummy's all settled.

It is, and for thousands of years has been used as a painkiller. 

High time so to speak that's it's finally becoming legal.  I could use some Medical Meth, and perhaps some Medical Cocaine as well.

Like most Beatnik artists Meth really helped when I was a young Queer Pervert 'Zine/Small Book publisher. I could work forever...super bad crash though. That's what kept me from becoming addicted to the stuff. The coke nearly killed me...several times so perhaps we'll take that off the list.

Also I noticed somebody was shooting off fireworks on East 38th Street. Have no idea why, but it was a nice though very short show.

Another thing.

The Program Director at that radio station that forced me to retire wants me to write a 100 word description of my show, and years at the place. 

He just wanted it for his files. Something to refer to when he starts moving shows around soon. 

Unpaid Shows!

(I did all the Art for them t-shirts..did they say thanks..okay a few did)

Yeah that's my Great Feet up there Back in the Day.

Anyhow the joint is totally broke so no on air paid talent just  paid engineers. Actually that's how WBAI started out. It's only in recent decades that they paid folks to lie steal promote themselves, and distort stuff on the air.

So we're back to our roots.

So he tells me I'm getting a new slot, and more time. He sez he's heard swell stuff about me, but wants my history in my own words. 

Okay pal you asked for it!

Otherwise I'm just fine all fucking ducky here. Other than being always sick annoyed, and broke.

Stay Tuned.


  1. I thought the Deuce had been cleaned up and all that? I guess moral purity isn't all it's cracked up to be. I hope the rats have gone back out of sight since Sandy at any rate.

    I love the shots Big Bird and Grover. I bet they have lotsa conversation, like talking to Rimbaud or Oscar Wilde.


  2. What I wanna know about that Skipper doll is how do they make those tiny gloves?

    I think the pot is agreat idea. That pharmaceutical stuff is probably poison, and very likely contributing to your health problems.

    What a pisser about that clown trying to squeeze free labor out of you, what with them dropping you like a hot brick after all your years at the station. I hope you tell him you have some urgent eyebrow-plucking to do that will occupy all your time.


  3. Well the gloves for all the Barbies are more like mittens. However the really crazy fans make for real five fingered gloves. Fortunately I've haven't graduated to that level of mania...yet.

    Yeah normal homegrown stuff is best. Gawd knows what the heat has forced them to put into the medical stuff. Still I'm going to try to get it just fro the fun of it. Real legal dope! What a gas! Still I've put out a call to certain pals about my needs, and will be fucked up on the real deal in a day or so. Thank da G-ddess!

    Aw well. The place really is broke, and can't pay the talent such as they are. In fact we're well rid of some of them crooks, and assorted untalented hacks. As for me like I well. I love the art, and craft of radio so will do the show. 'Sides it''ll be good to see my pals again, and be handy if there's an opening on another station. Alot about showbiz is being there. I got a few gigs just by being in the hallway at the right time the biz is really like that.

  4. Good to hear there's a chance of landing gigs by being there. That's how the world works I guess. Be sure to post a link to your show. And yeah, *do* get the pot. Can't wait to hear how it's got you all mellowed out and feeling dandy. Probably you should toke it on the air.

    BTW, you might wanna check your email. I just sent you something there.


  5. Hi "Z" Yeah I just checked it out, and will use thanks comrade. I feel better already!

  6. Glad to hear it pal! I hope it works great for you.