Friday, February 7, 2014

"Da Fuck??!!!"

Ahh! The Winter Wonderland of Harlem, and it general environs. About 10 or 12 hours after my walk about the warm streets of Times Square...see post a few installments below. Anyway after walking the 50f streets of dear old midtown I slam face first into all this.

"Merry bleeping Christmas pal" sez climate change, and change it does quite regularly.

I was way uptown, 137st Street, to WBAI/ radio on the campus of the City University. After a long I thought warm night night of tinkering on my program porn surfing fiddling with my blogs, and sleeping. I get up, and run into all this...???!!!

Like the sign sez, "...Da Fuck?!

I mean it was really warm the night before so how the hell did all this happen. 'And this was just the start. We got nearly a foot out'a this one a few daze later we got several inches of ice to glaze the whole mess over, and now I hear it's gonna snow again over this weekend.

Ya know a few months ago I posted how happy I was at the first snow...and I really was too. I'm a winter guy'n loves da snow. For years we hardly got any here in the Emerald City.

'But this Winter...KAPOW!!!

For some time now the Eastern Hemisphere got the slop over of all that climate change Arctic Vortex jazz. Finally it's our turn with no end in sight. Well okay by June things ought to heat up.

In this new world there are now only two seasons. Frostbite, and Heatstroke. 

Actually that's how it happens around here. One day in May it's 38f then next it's 86f with humidity to match. No lie this literally happens sometimes only now it's ironclad. This is the climate for the next 100,000 years.


(Btw click on photos for full frosty effect.)

My long frozen walk home from the Subway station with a short stop at the deli for cans of soup sliced hard salami, and rye bread. It's the simple life for me.

Stay Tuned.

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