Saturday, February 15, 2014


A kind listener to my obscure radio program heard I was looking for this doll. It's sold out nationally, but my radio pal found it in a local shop, and sent it to me. 

Aw gee!

This really cheered me up. You know how one gets. Emotional tunnel vision you're all alone, and at the mercy of demons, and the IRS. However the skies clear, and you see that you have friends everywhere that care for you!

As for "Skipper" this is her 50th Anniversary of Mattel(tm) release which would make her in "Doll Years" about 62 or there about. Her older sister "Barbie" being introduced in the late 1950's would be...humm if she was maybe 16/17 then she'd be near or just over 70.

Fine, and spritely sisters indeed.


  1. I'm so glad a fan sent you Skipper. You clearly have great listeners.

    BTW I've read that Mr. Yeti likes booze. This according to the great scholar Herge, creator of "Tintin In Tibet." Maybe we should leave him a 750 ml bottle of Dubonnet on a snowdrift? The same author also suggests that Mr. Y. has a thing for a young Chinese lad named Chang...


  2. Yeah they're a good bunch,...all 14 of them. Humm I imaging Mr. Yeti might order "One-yung-guy" on his trips to China Town,...umm this might be racist. If so my extreme apologies all 'round.

    Hey cut me some slack I been sick as hell so I was probably delusional when I thought that one up. ...still it 'is' kind'a funny..a bit...maybe.