Saturday, April 19, 2014

"A Few Doll Shots"

This above is one of my "Tonner Company" dolls. See I 'told' you I had more than just Barbies. Anyway the other day was sunny so I took some quick snaps of my little sweet-hearts. Okay the backgrounds are crap. So bleeping what.

It's the thought that counts.

The seasons are moving on so I have direct sunlight in my bedroom, and kitchen. The evening sun lights everything up in a blaze so I quickly dug out my old Sony, and took some hurried snaps above, and below.

Below there is one of my many beloved Barbies.

I didn't have time to set anything up. It was all spur of the moment. Hey I been  about to drop dead for a while now so wasn't too much in an artistic frame of mind.

Anyhow I'll do some "Glam" shots later on with my Tonner dollies.

Stay Tuned.

...yeah I play with got a problem wit dat?!!

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