Friday, April 25, 2014

"Hidden Genius Types"

As you know these days I'm setting up my retired life such as it is. I'm eating healthy...yuck. Taking all sorts of weird Meds. 'Seeing all sorts on nice helpful folks at the "Department of Old Farts" who are getting me hooked up with all that neat entitlement stuff the Tea Party wants to abolish.

Their evil hearts should explode in their stingy chests.

That, and I'm getting used to doing mostly nothing.

On the finding 'new purpose' in life front I'm looking up Open Mic stuff. That sort of thing is all over town. I figure I'll do some of my demented Uncle Sydney stuff. It always went down well with the rubes at the radio station's fund raisers.

(  ...while they last.)

Anyway it'll be the usual crap I do on the air. Only this time I'll be able to actually 'see' the audience sleep through my material. If they throw fruit I'll make a salad with it.

Yeah my cute, and disturbing stories rants, and personal vendetta's. Even if the marks don't like it 'I'll' be having a swell time. Speaking of old guy stuff. I'm getting good at sitting in the park, and falling asleep. This should be an Olympic competition. I'd get the Silver at least.

Btw my sister the film maker wants to put my potential open mic crap in her latest film. Something about insane genius types living at the edges of visibility. I told her I wasn't the genius sort. She said, "...Staying alive as long as you have doing the weird stuff you've done is  genius enough,...especially for this film."

Fair enuff.

Imagine the reclusive, but amazing Emily Dickinson wandering into an open mic in some dive in Brooklyn one hot rainy night. Yeah I sort of see the point of the project. There's tons of quiet Emily's out there. It's just a matter of finding them.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Yep, that's us.

    R U doing OK Sidney? I hope all's well.


  2. Greetings Comrade.

    Thanks for your concern. As far as I know I'm still alive. I take this as positive sign. As I post my kidney's have yet to turn into pumpkins, and my blood is still not become chicken gravy.

    This being so I look forward to a hot, and humid summer to frolic about Coney Island...what's left of it.

    Stay Tuned.