Friday, April 25, 2014


It's the 'little' things in life that make all that other dreary life crap bearable. No fuck that...lemme put it another way. It's the little "Cream Filled Fucking Delights!" that make all that other insane noise survivable!

Aw man you have no idea!

This new Healthy diet thing is frigging killing me!  I want to jump into a pool full of bleeping Whipped Cream..with nuts, and swim for my life in it! I wants to scarf down every Cream Puff on bleeping Earth. I want to drink Coke, and Root Beer by the gallon while shoving Bar-B-Q ribs with extra sauce into my gut!

I dream of hijacking a "Good Humor" truck at machine-gun point driving the damned thing out to the Rockaway dunes by Jamaica Bay'n eating the contents all by my engorged lonesome.

I'm fantasizing Pastry Orgies the way I used to dream up Boy Scout Speed, and Cocaine gang-bang Jamborees...hold the Angel Dust.

Though now that I think of it there was that Crack Whiskey PCP department meeting I attended back in the day...but that's another story.

Hey I'm "Clean for Gene" now.

Ask your Hippie Grampa what that means.   

Oh dammit dammit dammit!!!!

My hearts desire is not only legal'n cheap, but is cruelly displayed in every damned shop window in town to taunt me! Why couldn't I be addicted to something easy like Heroin or Faberge Eggs?!

Please just one Cream Puff. 

I won't even eat the whole thing...I'll just.. admire it, pray to it, write sonnets about it.'on dammit have a heart!

Aw well...back to carrots, and lentils.

Stay Tuned.

Oh boy..yum. I can hardly wait. 


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