Saturday, April 19, 2014

"My Impossible Dreams"


  1. Okay, about the first impossible dream. Try highest quality nonfat Greek yogurt (available at Trader Joe's) with sliced fresh strawberries. I don't know if you can eat sugarless chocolate (they gotta sweeten it with *something*), but if you can then melt some dark sugarless chocolate (comes in bars, also at TJ's) and pour a moderate quantity over the aforementioned yogurt and strawberries. This is better than most ice cream sundaes.

    Another tasty combo: take the same yogurt - it's got to be Greek, nonfat but thick and creamy in consistency - and mix it with sugarless raspberry jam. It's pretty yummy.

    Another trick: frozen bananas in a blender. Peel, freeze, slice fairly fine, put in blender with maybe a little milk to get the process going. Go slow, the stuff is really dense. Once blended, it's comparable to really good ice cream. You can also make smoothies this way with blended fruits and juice - taste great, and are very healthy.

    Better vet the ingredients with your med team. I don't what diabetics' foodie limits are exactly. The fruit might be too sweet, but I hope not.

    As for the dream in the T-shirt - I'll try to think of something.


  2. Yeah that second Dream has always been programmatic. A for the other cream filled delights I'll follow your lead, and try them recipes. Comrade I'm in a taste treat desert here. I'll try anything to survive this new, and terrifying world of health!

    Oh just one Hershey bar..for get the nuts I'll even take plain!!!