Sunday, April 13, 2014


Wow what I'd do for a double sausage hero with bacon relish, and cheese. All these items will kill me dead these days. I tell ya life just ain't fair!

On the other hand I'm still breathing.

Okay okay small sacrifices are called for. Like Camelot, and 10 cent comic books my rampaging snack habits are a thing of the past. Beans, and carrots...oh boy. Bleeping Bug Bunny food.

There's got'a be a way around that doesn't leave me rolling around on the ground in blinding agony, and puking green bile. Well I have my research cut out for me.

You comrades be good to each other till I get back.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Hey Uncle!!! Ya better take care of your health and forget about all that greasy junk food that ain't no friggin' good for ya! Ya hear???
    We needs you around these parts real bad... ya understand???
    Now that's an order.

  2. Anonymous is right. You should listen to him.

    Remember the foodie scene from Young Sherlock Holmes? A portly over-eating teenage Watson hallucinates that he's persecuted by animate pork pies and assaulted by malevolent creme puffs. This salutary experience is brought on by light exposure to an evil hallucinogen. You'd probably do well to watch that scene a few times. Remember that greasy sugary foods are sinister provender of MonSatan and are out to get you. Bugs Bunny food is fed to you by boy angels right outta Caravaggio, who are offering themselves by way of dessert. Remember!


  3. Hey Sid!
    There is no reason that healthy food has to be boring or tasteless. Quite the contrary! We have become so accustomed to eating shit that it's hard to imagine that there is a magnificent culinary healthy heaven just waiting for us if we explore a little.