Tuesday, October 6, 2015

"Freedom of the Heart"

When I was 'their' age I could only dream this. Alone isolated tormented cold afraid is what we were back in the day. Though it's still a risk of life to openly love at least now the youngsters have each other.

Again that's something we could only pray for, and dream of. So a few grams of progress. A half step towards the Light. Bless'em.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Wonderful photo. Pix like this should be plastered poster-size over walls in every city and town in the world, especially in Iran and places controlled by those Daesh-bags.

    About them nuke plants: another factor is that they still depend totally on government subsidies to keep them propped up and running. This is true in every country where they exist. A form of energy that requires that kind of nonstop taxpayer subsidy isn't economically viable, and was a pipe dream from the get-go. It's just a big subsidy dump and a cookie jar for kleptocrats with sticky fingers. Have you ever noticed that energy "too cheap to meter" was always just around the corner, but never actually seems to turn that corner? Funny about that.

    I love cut-out theatres. I want to make my own from scratch. I think I'll make them sacred theatres, like back in ancient Greek days, with holy priapic rites in progress.

    My web access is still pretty patchy, so I hope you won't be miffed if I go incommunicado from time to time.

    Hail Mithras!


  2. Naw it's okay. I was down for a while too. They like to take our money, but are slow to fix their fuck ups.
    Yeah the too cheap to meter jazz was bullshit from the git-go. if it actually worked they would have suppressed it like them fuel cells for cars that were about ready to market in the late 1960's...then disappeared.

    I wish that were a conspiracy theory.

    However I'm old enough to remember the TV shows about them, and I fucking saw them demonstrated at the 1963/4 Worlds Fair. I even remember my Dad saying that out next car would be one run on that jazz.

    Somehow it like a lot of stuff that threatened Oil products vanished. they expected folks to forget...which they did.

    In some movie some plutocrat is in a scene saying, "...It is not that we are so wise, but that they are so stupid."

    Well dear comrade I'm afraid that about sums it up.

    Also yeah please do the stage fronts. I'd love to see your work!

    Stay Tuned.

  3. It'll be an amphitheatre, but turned inside-out, with performers on the terraced steps and audience on the flat - like a baroque statuary garden surmounted by colonnades, fountains and peacocks. The imagination blushes to think what sort of human figures will be featured there.