Friday, October 23, 2015

"Yeah We Went to the Moon!"

 "Yeah we went to the Bleeping MOON! Now Shut the Fuck UP!!!!!!!!!!!"


  1. Yep, I know it.


  2. Good that puts you in the 90% percentile!

    Heck we even have proof from other countries that have put up Luna satellites. Still there's that 10% hard core.

    On the other hand there's that further 58% of Republicans that Think Obama was not born in this country. Then there's the 20% of Republicans believe that President Obama is the Anti-Christ.

    Well if he is he's doing a rotten job of being the Devil!

    I mean shouldn't the Sodomites have taken over, and made Queer sex mandatory for Federal Employment. That or joining the Boy Scouts. True the Scouts already have this tradition..tho' unofficial.

    Further Republican elected officials are playing grab ass as well...unofficially.

    How many Republican legislators have to be caught in the public shitters playing footsie before the whole lot of them just finally come out, and stop hypocritically passing anti-Gay laws?

    But I a way.

    Yeah we went to the Moon. We sent a bunch'a guys there over a few years. That and robotic guys to pretty much all the planets, and moons in this system. Not bad. 'Not bad at all' for just 50 years or so of being a space faring species.

    "Rocky Jones of the Space Cadets" 'em, woudda been proud as heck!


  3. Hey just now getting to bleeping Pluto with it's Blue Skies, and finding running water on Mars,...but wait there's more!

    That, and the two Voyages just having broken out into "Interstellar Space" is the frigging cherry on NASA's Butt!

  4. "I'm pleased as Punch!" a former Vice President used to say.