Friday, October 16, 2015

"The Mic is Red"

 (From my Old radio Files)

'Makes a kind of sense to me...ya had to be there.

Uncle Sidney in his favorite disguise as a famous Russian comedian, ...see above, explains the subtle nuances of Radio Art to attentive workers.

"Dear Beloved Uncle" made a surprise visit to a workers collective today. Uncle just loves surprises. Beloved Uncle took it upon himself to visit the Peoples Administrative, Sub-Directorate Office of the Volga Shoehorn Factory No. 12.

All of the comrade administrators were in awe of the wit, and charm of Dear Uncle, and his off the cuff presentation. Uncle warmed to his favorite subject, and waxed poetic on the spiritual nature of a well written, and performed station break.

He then shared several hours of anecdotes about his broadcast adventures with the transfixed comrades. Most touching was his impromptu re-enactment of his dear friend's *(Name Redacted) on air reading of Pushkin while having just snorted ten grams of Cocaine followed by five bottles of Ripple.

*(...noted New York poet, broadcaster, and old pal.)

An astounded "Beloved Uncle Sidney",...still in disguise as that famous Russian comedian,  and some middle level Party officials witness "Good Comrade (Name Redacted), amazing performance while under the influence of enough dope, and booze to kill Ten Cossack's!!

Angels wept Silver Pearls at the beauty of that long ago performance.

As the sun set behind Shoehorn factory No.12 our Dear Uncle informed the gathered comrades it was time for him to go. The workers protested, and fell to their knees begging him for just one more dope story.

However our most stalwart Uncle mildly chastised them saying that it was time for them to go back to work. Because,..."Socialism needed them!"

                     (Uncle in his study where he meditates before doing his Pod-cast.)

With that our ever thoughtful, and kindly Uncle got on his old bike, and peddled his way back to the Kremlin. There to write more lovely stories about Teen-aged Homosexual Angels that Fight for the Rights of the Oppressed!

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Stay Tuned.


  1. Well "I" thought it was amusing, but ya had to be there.

  2. Amusing?! I wanna be just like Uncle, especially as seen in the last image, with the white officer's jacket with a little gold star medal. Such far-seeing wisdom, such modest majesty - what a swell guy!