Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"New Pod-cast Shows"

Greetings comrades. Another three Pod-Radio shows are up at:


Just type: unclesidney

That'll get you there.

Above my Faeries under Stormy Skies.

Stay Tuned.


  1. It's not fun?!! That's terrible! I've been really looking forward to these shows.

    I gotta tell ya, I have *real* strict bandwidth limits, so I have to go to a wifi cafe or the local library to listen in. I will. I hope there's a forum where I can leave encouraging comments & irritating remarks, as per usual.

    Your stormy skies are prophetic. I follow the most credible financial blogs I can find, and they are now indicating that 2016 is gonna see a major financial meltdown and economic mayhem. Prudent Faeries should get their umbrellas *now*, cause the shit storm's a-comin'!


  2. Gotta agree with Zaek. Keep up the good work Sidney. We all luvs ya!

  3. Thanks Comrades. However I'm having old guy blues crap...I feel like cashing in the damned chips. I read that's a common thing for us.

    Fucking swell.

    Shit just doesn't matter much these daze. Another common thing. My shrink sez just do your stuff. The art performing all that. ...yeah yeah.

    Ha...maybe I'll do a Pod-show about this.

    Old guy shit.

    Maybe tonight we'll see. Don't wanna alarm my family, and pals tho'. Yeah I'll stick around, but it ain't much fun doing it.

    Yeah "Z" you can leave comments, but I have to approve them so it may take a little while to see them.

  4. Sidney, you need to see your pals (ahem). In person.It couldn't hurt and it might help, and it'd be good for us, too. They say misery loves company, and it might even make you feel a little less miserable. Listen to me- I'm an imaginary nursing professional!!

  5. Humm,...Nurse huh?

    Well okay maybe. I been shut-in since late Spring.

    Yeah maybe I ought to get out a bit. 'Just that I was afraid of being shot by the cops. I thought of wearing a sign that said "Don't Shoot!" "I'm 40% Chinese!"

    I'd have to have it done in Bright Pink Neon if I go out at night. I'd also have to carry some roast ducks on a stick too for the full effect. Hey I'm a little bit Chinese so that ain't racist...much.

    Btw I'm thinking of going out to the Big Halloween Parade as a "Ham Sandwich"...with "Pickles"...ahem.

    Stay Tuned.

  6. Sidney,
    The old ladies I eat with at The Senior Center will get a kick out of your "Ham Sandwich" with Pickle costume in the "Big Halloween Parade". They will giggle like your little sisters used to.

    Z we have the knowhow and knowledge to fix whatever mayhem is coming. My fear is it won't come and we will continue in this hell we are in. My fear is we won't be able to move on to the pavilions of angels and palaces Sidney helps us imagine..

  7. But that's just our situation Lukas: that the hell we are in will continue *is* the mayhem that is coming. It will just grow deeper. No sudden Armageddon will save us, no revolution will divert us from our present course; we will merely continue on this deviously winding road that leads ever downward with never a signpost or a sudden turn to warn us of our dire destination.

    On the other hand, there'll be plenty for queer teen angels to attend to, many for them to rescue. In fact they'll have to work overtime. And when beauty and the arts finally flower again, they'll publish books about How Queers Saved Civilization.


  8. P.S. - I second Anonymous' suggestion: being a shut-in for too long can be depressing. Occasional, moderate and carefully selected doses of the exterior world can be a tonic, especially when taken in the company of good friends.