Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"You Smell Something Burning?"

Right so I wake up today, and what hits me in the face. I mean besides folks tossing their babies out the window like the other day. Today the News cyborgs tell me that they're running out of them evil chemicals they use to execute folks with.


Heaven forgive us! The Law is nuffing out 'so many' lives. We're Killing so many they're actually running out of the poison they use to Nuff'em with. Well of course this means a Suspension of Executions, and maybe a Review of the Many Cases.


Instead in the tradition of da American "Can Do" spirit. Yep in that swell Spirit these Maniacs are discussing Firing Squads instead. 'Mercy' ain't in their language...didn't even occur to them.

Yeah I was Dumbfounded Too!

This after 'the' Pope fer Christ's sakes pleaded for the "Worldwide End" of the "Death Penalty" before the Joint House. This is beyond meanness or maybe even evil...this is Fuck'n Nuts!

All this being so I just thought that I'd mention that dreaded "Tribulation" is already here.  Has been for a while. We're 'all' in Hell or at least half way there. There's no way out btw. We ain't exactly among the select...yeah surprise.

There's Francis who we 'thought' was our pal saying  "...So long Suckers you 'had' ya Chance."

So Relax, and Enjoy the Ride.

Yep we're in for a Hot ole Time!

Stay Tuned.


  1. Ending the death penalty isn't enough.
    You should help out Angela Davis's project to close all prisons. She is one of my heroes and was one of the more outstanding students of Herbert Marcuse.

  2. I remember her from back in the day. heard her speak several times. Her idea is somewhat before it's time, and least in this country.

    The Dutch, and a few of the Scandinavian nations are actually thinking along those lines. I believe it will come in this century. That National Health, and free Universities.

  3. Yesterday I drove 206 miles, round trip, up into the mountains to help out a friend whose house burned down in the wildfires. Nothing remains of it but a chimney and a corrugated metal roof crumpled on the ground. The entire neighborhood was a moonscape of devastation. I spent 3 hours sifting through ashes and loading scorched crockery into boxes and packing them into his car.

    I have tinnitus. So of course we were surrounded by guys with chain saws cutting down the remains of trees, and for 20 minutes they switched on a wood chipper - absolute torment to a person with my condition. To this moment my ears are ringing horribly, and I'll count myself lucky if it diminishes within a few days rather than a few weeks or maybe months - you can never be sure with tinnitus. When it's really bad you can have a hard time getting to sleep, and it's like that now.

    Just as I had hoped to avoid, I found myself driving back down an unfamiliar winding mountain road in the dark, going much faster than I liked with speed freaks on my tail for hours - you know, locals in pickups and Hummers who want to go 15 mph faster than the speed limit around hairpin precipices. All in all, it was a horrible experience.

    When we do nice things for people, aren't we supposed to be rewarded for it instead of punished? There ain't no fucking justice in this universe!

    All I want at this point is to be surrounded by fluffy bunnies and the softest soothing music and plied with delicious sherbets and assorted outrageous indulgences. Everything else can sit in a waiting room with its ass on a block of ice.


    P.S. - Forget the Pope. Ever heard of the Peace Pilgrim? She's the real deal. Z.

  4. Holy Crap!!!

    Yeah you paid alright. It's our Holy Duty to help out folks friends or not,...but the exit wound seriously sucks.

    Sometimes literally.

    Remind me to ask the bleeping Angels why that is. Folks sell dope rob banks burn crosses be guards at Death Camps, and they all live to peaceful old age pension, and all.

    Nice guys?

    To say we get 'fucked with no grease' up the yin-yang with uprooted 'lamp posts', jagged end first, don't come near to the true vivid reality.

    Yet Bless we Must!

    Bless all in need no matter what.


    We don't even get a cool hat or weird t-shirt for our troubles. Still 'Bless' your Suffering Self my Dear Friend.

  5. Peace Pilgrim.

    Yeah I'm watching a douc. on YouTube about her now...thanks for the heads up!