Monday, October 5, 2015

"Read Dante it's All There"

 Yeah that's the truth. I think all the pretty crap actually doesn't, and never existed. It's all Photoshop, and in the old daze Trick Photography. Beauty is make believe only the 'Crap' is real. Don't believe me? If you ain't fucking Rich,...look out ya window right now...see what I mean.

It's Lies I tell ya all bleeping lies, and horseshit!  Everything you know is a damned lie from the fucking Sandman the Tooth fucking Fairy the Free Lunch Democracy Fucking Santa Justice that so-called secret stuff in Coca Cola, and Kentucky Fried Area fucking 51 that Paul is still alive, and that after all the fucked up shit we have to eat for 80 or 90 years we go to fucking heaven...Not!!!

Everything is a bucket of foul rancid Shit.


Why is everything so fucked up ugly, and insane?

Because we're all DEAD!

We're long Dead this is Hell, and the Rich, and the Cops are Demons whose job is to Fuck us up, and Torture us....Forever, and Ever.  When we so-called "Die" we just Come Back for More...for Ever, and Ever, and Fucking EVER!

Have a Nice Eternity.

Stay Tuned, if you had a Choice!

(Clearly I'm off my damned Meds which is how I can see the Truth!!!)


  1. Great post Sidney! Absolutely perfect! Any honest observer with eyes to see must come to the same conclusion.