Thursday, April 28, 2016



My gawd did I wanna be a Cowboy! Still do! More than I wanted be a Nun! Regards this dream I have no shame what's so ever folks. I want to ride the range in my cool cowboy suit, and bark at the moon!

Yeah I knows all about the Native genocide, the lynching of Chinese workers, the routine rapes, the lack of toilet paper, and bad breath. Still I refuse to give this one up. Especially since I always KNEW! that there was Colored Cow Boys!!

Yahooo!!! relation to that certain computer company.

Yippie!, Yippie!, Kai!, Yai!, Yay!! Get'a long! Git!, Git!, along! You Doggies!!

 Right my pals reading this are say'n,"..he's finally lost it." Nah I'm okay.

 It's just that this fantasy is as vivid as when I was 7 or 8.

 It really hasn't changed that much. There's just something about that American myth of the West that makes most human males go nuts.

Regardless of race creed or color we all, or at least a heck of a lot of us wanted to be cowboys that's all there is to it. Period, and Amen. Okay there's exceptions, politically correct language bullies, race nuts, and Native Americans.

The Native American are the only ones with morality, and history on their side of the argument.

The rest of them is just assholes.

Out of respect to my Native pals ya might want to skip this one, and scroll down. Or maybe not. See to be able to keep my dream of the West I had to make certain ,, historical "adjustments" here, and there. Hey, I'm politically incorrect, but I ain't a damned Nazi!

See in my alternate history parallel  reality "American West" there was 'no' genocide, slavery, wanton murder, or mayhem.  In this 'other' history the meetings of peoples on this continent was friendly, and peaceful. Native, and settlers were pals. Slavery was forbidden, and eveybody got on swell.

It is in this happier West that I play out my Cowboy Dreams.

So there! My west is a cool, fun, happy one. We play shoot'em up, and have fun, but nobody gets hurt. We have a big bar-b-q after playing Cowboy all day,...a veggie table too.

I got a lot of paleface, and Native boyfriends. We have square dances at the fort every Saturday.

I remember explaining all this to George Stonefish, some will remember him as the producer of the Native program "Drumbeats."

He said he'd like to visit my "West". This because then he'd have his Country back, and could go home.

More later partners. I has to take a snooze.

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