Monday, April 25, 2016

From the Editor"

Greetings dear comrades. Well the thing about all these "Re-Runs" is that I'm editing stuff for my damned book. A collection of my rants stories an felonies.

Sometimes I come across stuff the tickles me. So I re-posts it...yeah sue me. Anyway that's what's going on. New stuff is around. I'll post about my useless life, and the on-going end of the world.

I know how you guys likes that so much.

In fact my health is serious shit right now...dizzy sweats barfing the usual. That, and periods of extreme emotions...suicidal noise more than usual.

Don't worry I'm sticking around. I still have a few things to do. Gots to put this damned book together. That, and I'm supposed to be in some film.  Btw I want a 'paper' book, but everybody sez do a digital book that folks can buy online. 

I have a few friends that did that, and they say it far easier that the old way, and they're making dough too.

Well maybe...I'll let ya know.

Stay Tuned.

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