Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"Quiet Time"

For heaven's sakes I take a day off, and everybody leaves. Stats go down from near a thousand to 18. What don't you guys love me anymore?

Hey come on I'm insecure. 

I'm not interested in ranting about the bloody mayhem, and assorted genocides. ...today. What the hell can I say?  We know it's a shit storm from fucking hell out there. 

Thing is I always don't have something worth while to say. Thank gawd I have GIF's, and a few words to go with them as in the posts above. Also so many re-runs to put up. Lately I'm going through a quiet period. It must be the time of year.

It's even hard to do the Pod-casts.

I actually have fans asking for new stuff...imagine. This sort of thing would make any regular egomaniac go into a speed coke rush. However sorry I just can't now.

Hey I'm 268 years old...gimme a break.

I'll cook up some stuff when I'm able...till then I'm just reading science fiction watching old movies, and sleeping. 

I loves ya all.

Stay Tuned.

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