Monday, April 25, 2016

"Part I"

"Meat on Friday"

Millions of Roman Catholics, and their attorneys were somewhat taken a-back as news of the demise of the Supreme Being was releases by both NASA,and the Chinese Space Agencies. Floating in orbit about Mars the remains of what many believe to be the "Big Guy" is to be retrieved for examination. 

What he was doing out there, and how He was done in is a matter of sweaty speculation. Satanist are being interview by Official bodies for leads in the investigation.

Calculations estimate that although this entity is thought to be you know who he's actually rather petite. Measuring in height no more than four foot eleven. That, and apparently wearing female makeup. News that the Lord of Hosts is not only dead,...and short, but a suspected transvestite, and possibly Homosexual has commentators abuzz with speculation.  

Besides the Lord of Lords floating in Mars orbit the Hubble Telescope also found what seems to be the mortal remains of Godzilla, King Kong, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Snow White.

The reality of these characters thought till now to be works of fiction have thrown a rather large subjective monkey wrench into what philosophers had thought was reality. 

We should expect a number of sweaty confused, and incoherent press conferences, and documentaries by theologians comic book artists politicians science fiction writers, and assorted nuts with guns, and whiskey.

Stay tuned to this Blog for further news, and updates.

Stay tuned.

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