Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"The Shape of Things to Come"

Look most of the stuff against Hillary is the contrived bullshit the far right has been slinging on her for decades. She's done no worse than every other politician out there...actually less. Yeah she takes big money from the who's who of enemies of the people...but who don't. 

Besides Bernie, and we see where that got him. The fix was in from day one. That's politics. That's really all I'm saying. 

It's just politics. 

No outsider is ever getting anywhere till there's an actual revolution...and that ain't happening in the lifetimes of anyone alive now. Bernie's revolution will fade away like Occupy did, and soon be the butt of jokes then forgotten. 

There will be very slow reforms. 

Just enough to keep the mob home eating pizza, and playing computer games, and getting stoned, and drunk. Just enough to make it look like the middle class is sort of getting a break...but not really. 

Maybe one or two big things like student debt reduction or even forgiveness. That, and perhaps some infrastructure repairs, and public works to spread some jobs around for a few years,...then end. 

Yeah that may happen..or not. 

However it's business as usual till it gets so bad there's a violent insurgency. This because of poisoned water tables poor harvests from climate change failed medical infrastructure local grossly corrupt ineffective authorities, and basic abandonment by the central government.

This country becomes a western version of Iraq via asymmetrical warfare. The rich elites, and their armies against assorted crazed right, and left militias of the dispossessed, and non-aligned violent maniacs that'll kill anything moving like in Syria. 

This is what the rest of the 21st, and early 22nd century will likely be in this country. 

Have a nice day.

Stay tuned.


  1. This is the natural outcome of crushing the hippie dream in favor of neoliberal economics. Oops! Just another suicidal civilization.


  2. We've got what we've got.

    I would have actual Hope if we were actually doing something other than just figuring out how to make money out of coastal cities around the world slowly being drowned by the rising oceans.

    Btw some companies, and think tanks are doing just that.

    I never ranted exactly about it, but Sandy, and Katrina left quiet scars on us. It told us the shit was coming. 'But instead of preparing we're in mass denial.

    We fighting tooth, and nail over who can use the shit house. That instead of planning new ways of growing crops, and building infrastructure to deal with a new Biblical flood.

    The building I once worked at in lower Manhattan was 20 hear that!!!! "20 Feet!!!" under water during Sandy.

    The traffic lights, and street lamps were underwater.

    The trees, and plants in the park outside the building later died from the salt. The City quickly replaced soil new trees, and decorative plants

    You'd never know it ever happened.

    Which is how the system wants it to be. Forget eat fuck get high work fight over shit houses vote for the system's choices.

    Everything is fine, and shut up.

  3. I feel it's important to pay no attention to the system, other than sussing out what you need to know in order not to get crushed under its juggernaut wheels. Beyond that, pay it no heed. Don't get caught up in its fake election dramas. Don't give it your emotional energy. What matters is what you and your friends choose to do. This may not leave much scope for personal power, but it's what we've got, and is really all that's worth focusing on.


  4. "It's what we've got."

    Yes,...G-ddess give us strength.