Saturday, April 30, 2016


"They're Here have been for Years!"

"I KNEW IT!!!"

Aha! Just as I suspected! It was a government plot all along. The whole UFO deal that Majestic-12, and up stuff. It was the Military Industrial Infotainment Fun House behind it from  day one.

Thing is are the government zombies in cahoot with the Greys or are they independent players in a multi-planetary cold war? Also how does this jibe with the Reptilians plans to get us all to switch to Blue Ray (tm)? Thereby furthering their plans of mass mind control over the hapless consumers.

Comrades beware the trap of Blue Ray!

I myself though tempted have forswore that evil technology. I will 'not' be a mindless drone in thrall the Reptilian Pixar empire.  I'll go back to listening to vintage Mambo records on my Marconi crystal set before submitting to the chains of those cold blooded fiends! 

Stay Tuned

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