Thursday, April 28, 2016


"A Game Show in Hell"

(Bad Taste Post No. 82 in a series of 666.)

"Welcome to Escaaaape Your Punishment!"

The audience of the Damned applauds wildly.

A Demon in a white tux, and holding a bright glowing red pitch fork sez...

 "Alright contestant number one here it is."

"Should you eat this bowl of freshly aborted babies, careful they bite."


"Dig out this Nuns heart with a dull spoon?" 

The sound of a big ticking clock, and tense game show music begins.

The crowd yells, "...the babies!,...the Nun!, for it repent!....the babies! 

The Demon calls on the Punisher Angels to pour molten steel on  the audience.

"Now now clam down no help from the audience please!" 

"Remember this is for the Grand Prize!"

"A 'whole' hour off from the Lake of Fire,..."And!"

"Wait for it..."

"A Large Glass of Ice Water!!" 

 The audience of the Damned goes, "...OOOOOOOOOOH!!!"

The music builds as the Nun  desperately squirms against her chains, and the contestant slowly edges towards the rack of dull spoons!" 

(This was inspired by a recent nightmare I had. Hey you get your material where you can.)

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