Thursday, April 28, 2016

"We're Doomed!"...but so what.

Yeah tell me something I don't know. I was speaking to a comrade on the phone...I don't get out much. Anyway we was yacking away about the end of the world, and all. When we realized what we was doing.

Yacking about the end of the damned world...again.

That's all older folks seem to talk about. The youngsters only talk about whose fucking who where's the party at, and who can get us some good drugs.

We talk about the end because we remember when things were a zillion times better, and the kids haven't a clue, and don't care. Fine fuck'em. They, and their babies will drown starve or get beheaded in the coming "Chaos" anyway.

We if we're lucky we'll just miss it.

I'd say the 2030's onward will be a very bad time not to be in a high ground secure community of armed fortified well stocked bunkers, and tunnels.

Till then us old timers will talk about the good old days of cheap gas bar-b-ques cars with big ass fins on 'em free love moon landings be-in's, and integration. Them damned useless kids have no idea what they missed by not being around, and young at the height of the Empire.

Hey we commie beatnik perverts gave at the office. We fought all our crappy lives to try to make this a good, and cool world, but the damned thing blew up in our fuck it. 

The only reason I might want to be around a little longer is to see how these brain dead millennials deal with the shit-storm that's gonna hit them full bore in a few years.

You must have read the bit in the NY Times how all the shit we thought was 100 years away is only a few years off instead. Ha! Like when I read in the late 1990's that the East River would be at the front steps of my work place on Wall Street in 100 years.

It was 12 years.

"Sandy" ring a bell.  More than the river at the front steps...try second floor! Yeah looks like the party is starting sooner than well.

Well back to my "Dr. Who" Blu-rays, and frozen cheese cake. This shit ain't our problem anymore. That's what me, and my pal on the phone came to. 

We deluded beatnik hippie progressives or whatever did our bit. 

We did our fucking ass bit into our old bleeping age.

They ignored us made us a joke put us in prison shot us, and co-opted our ideas to make really bad movies weird hats, and awful music. Fine...drown, and starve. However never forget...we warned you.

"We told You So!"

I just wanna hang around long enuff to say that to the jerks...then drop dead. Leaving them to survive the Tribulation...which they could have avoided.

Stay tuned.

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