Wednesday, April 20, 2016


This was near Christmas Day 2013 on Coney Island Beach. My dear pal Nurse Pickles, and I were at the DMV trying to get my I.D. luck. It took almost another year.

Hey them bastards are just like that.

Anyway it was cold as bleep. However two years later it was 70f on Christmas. It wasn't cold enough on New Years for a proper Polar Bears Club splash into the Atlantic.

They went in anyway.

It was 47f, but tradition is tradition. It's normally below freezing sometimes 20 25f when they take the plunge. Yes it's a scary new world we gots on our hands. I'm dreading what the summer will bring. Some are predicting month long heatwaves. 


What with every season being warmer than the last. Yeah 120f heatwaves even here in the Northeast make sense.  Bad real bleeping bad sense...but sense.

Hey we'll survive this shit...we made it thought that Ice Age we'll walk though this too. Good luck to you, and yours. Stock up on meds food, and water.

We'll get by.

Stay Tuned.

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