Saturday, April 23, 2016

"No SHAME!!"

For those wondering yes I still burn a rather bright torch for Charlie. Umm that's Charles Guslain a certain rather sweet probably Queer, but what difference does that make, French fashion model.

If I were 40 years younger I'd save my pennies go to Paris introduce myself to him as his biggest fan in Brooklyn, and see where it goes from there.

Alright I'll bring him some taffy from Coney Island too!

Okay I'll promise to put him in my new Comix book. I'm sure he'll go for that. He's a "Fan Boy" after all, and that should at least get me in the door.

Hey I have no shame.

...Not a drop!

Especially when beauty sweetness, and gentleness the rarest of the natural elements is in the equation.

I can hear Charlie's man servant telling him over the intercom,

"....Most Honored Charles there seems to be a sweaty deranged American at the door. He rather insists on seeing you."

"...something about Brooklyn candy comix books and ideal beauty,....shall I call security?"

Well maybe if I learned some French...

Stay Tuned.

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