Tuesday, April 19, 2016

"Oh Bleep!"

Well it's like this both Hillary, and Bernie are swell folks...in different ways yeah, but both okay. Wait take a breath don't hit me.

These folks which ever gets the "Nod" will be good Presidents...even Bernie sez Hillary would be a zillion times better than the two Republican maniacs still in the run. Com'on imagine Ted Cruz or Uncle Don in the White House with a Republican House, and Senate in their hip pocket.

Right you seeing that.

I think this is the part where we find out that Democrats, and Republicans are not the same. Both are lying rat bastards, but one would eat your babies alive with a laff, and an evil smirk, and the other would eat your....no wait.

What I mean is Hillary'n Bernie would both would give us human Supreme Court Justices. Both would veto all of the insane crap that comes out of the Republican Houses, and probably put Harriet Tubman on the $Twenty. The other two would slap Ayan Rand on the money.

What I'm trying to say is life is complicated.

You'll never get good choices, and there's No free Lunch. This has to change. With Bernie it at least might. I mean he'd at least try. Hillary would feel our pain...thing is neither can deliver the Dream.

Just small pieces of it like Obama did.

Ya know that whole "Politics of the Possible". Something that Ben Franklyn, and his pals came face to face with. This when they founded the "Boston Anti-Slavery League". Yeah that Dream would come, but it would take another 130 years or so.

We're sort of in the same situation.

Like I sez, "Read history" it passes the night well. In the last hundred years folks wanted all sorts of progressives Eugene Debs Al Smith...sort'a, Robert Kennedy George McGovern Dick Gregory, and others. They all offered a chance at that great Dream thing this country always hopes for.

We had Obama who was fucked from day one, but amazingly still delivered some basics.

Now Bernie. If this guy gets in it will be truly an "Undiscovered Country". With Hillary...familiar terrain. She'll try too, but ya know. It'll be the Politics of the Possible all over again...we'll have to get comfortable.

It'll be a long ride ahead...btw it may well be the same with Bernie. However neither of these folks will abolish food stamps defund Medicaid or Medicare or make being Queer a Death Penalty issue.

All this just to say...Vote Democratic in November.

Stay Tuned.

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