Saturday, March 22, 2014


I donno maybe it's just me. Yeah maybe. It's just that everything looks pretty fucked up these days ya know. The standard of living here in the land of the not so free anymore is in free fall,...and 'nothing' is being done.

Yeah sure there was that Occupy thing for a while, but the Heat broke that up, and the kids scattered. So much for that. It's like the bad guys have won, and are dancing on our graves.

Sorry wish I could say something hopeful, but there ain't much hope for renewal out there. The good guys such as they are have been marginalized. The butt of jokes in the controlled press. All we're getting are more "reality" show bullshit, and really bad music that keeps getting awards.

It's bad. It's Biblical bad. The money changers have won, and are pissing on the scriptures, and  shitting on the altars. All that, and no one sez nothing.

Back in the day I'd be expecting a Flood or a hail of Fire from the outraged Heavens. However Upper Management has left us to our own devices this time 'round. We have to fix this ourselves.

Where to begin...what to do?

Stay Tuned.

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