Saturday, March 15, 2014


 Well with brief spurts of warm weather squeezing in between the bouts of Arctic Hell. It's time once again to consider the well being of our dear pals the Ice Faeries.

Yeah yeah I know most don't believe in'em so what. 

(Eh, artist approximation of the species above.)

Anyway in these latitudes it gets hot fast, and nasty. No kidding it can go from the 30'sf to the 80'sf in a day. So this is just a reminder like setting your clock ahead..which I don't do what's the point. Anyway like setting your clock ahead it's getting on time to put ice out on ya window sill for our Faerie pals.

They suffer in the heat ya know. They say this summer is going to start early, and be a killer till October. It's gonna be as hot this year as it was cold this winter so look out!

Get ya'self over to the .99 cent store pick up a few pretty bowls fill'em with ice cubes, and put them on out on your window sills for our wee pals.

You, and they'll be glad ya did. 

Stay Tuned.

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