Saturday, March 22, 2014

"Dress Up"

I wish I were a boy today. A 21st Century Queer Sissy teen. As opposed to the mid-20th century Sissy I was. 'Had to hide everything in those days. It was no fun. Everyone around you was telling fags jokes, and saying how much they'd like to 'kill' some fags.

Swell fun being a Queer kid or Queer anything back then.

It's no blow-job in the park today either, but at least you know your not alone. That, and it's slowly becoming bad manners to kill fags these days. Actually that's not much of a shield, but you take what you can get in a world like this.

Anyway Queer young boys, and teens today feel free enough to dress up. I ran into a few the other day in my hood. They we're just going about their faggy way at peace with the world, and on the whole everyone was cool with them.

Okay there 'have' been a few positive changes.

Being a homophobe is bad manners now like being racist. However Blacks still get beat up, and killed now, and then. Queer kids, and teens still get shot dead in middle school or high school.

However when it happens society is horrified instead of celebrating, least outwardly. So in my relative old age I've lived into an era of surface change. My Queer kiddie, and teen brothers, and sisters may just see real acceptance in 'their' old age.

We'll see.

Anyway as I started to say if I was a Queer Sissy kid or teen today I think I'd dress up pretty grand. Like Quentin Crisp did nearly a century ago. He, and the other brave Fags of that time were the real Heroes of this Revolution.

Long may they Swish!

Stay Tuned.

Saint Quentin Crisp above as a young Gay Blade about London in the 1930's. What a guy! Our Hero! ...Yeah yeah he wasn't perfect. He was no Angel, but so what. 

Ya get your Heroes where you can, and he was more than good enough!

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  1. It seems the misery never ends.