Saturday, March 1, 2014

"Blood, The Bklyn Museum, and the Pope"

Alright I'm mostly ga-ga, and pissed off. No change there. About Blood though. It smells or rather has a particular scent. Organic, and coppery. I smell it all the times these days.

Yeah I had another nasal hemorrhage event. It woke me up covered the quilt, and pillow...swell. Don't worry the last time the EMT folks shoveled me up, and took me to the hospital they gave me a very effective med for all that. 

It's a spray, and stops the flow at once. 

However the scent of all that circulatory fluid stays for a long time. Sure I changed the linen, and quilts took a hot hot shower, but I still live in a sea of blood.  I was covered in the stuff, and swallowed a lot. I think one of Dante's circles of Hades has something like this only it's boiling.

Btw the above is exactly what my sheets looked like.

Ah so many new, and interesting sensations in my new world of retired bliss. That, and being nauseous, and hungry at the same time.

Weird dreams often too...more on them another time. Well okay one. I'm on an ice world the oceans had frozen. They were a beautiful shade of turquoise.

Interesting huh? I dreamed that the winds were pushing me across seas of frozen gems. I wasn't even stoned.

On to the Brooklyn Museum. I was thinking what with the extreme cold ice, and snow. Including arctic dreams. Btw we're getting another blizzard on Monday. Anyway I was dreaming of Spring, and of sitting in the Botanical Garden right next to the Museum.

The first blooms coming up all around me, sweet scented breezes all that neat Hallmark jazz. However then I thought about the Brooklyn Museum of Art, and how they've been fucking with it's guts, and exterior for the last 100 years or so.

Back in 400 BCE or so they had that grand stairway leading to the entrance. However in that day no one over 40  could do the climb.


Then sometime in the late 1980's or early 90's can't remember which. Some jerk decided it would be swell for everybody to enter through the basement doors. Eh I believe this moron was secretly executed by the Masons for coupable stupidity.

The latest fuck up is some sort of Bloomberg inspired retro art deco thing with fountains, and loud speakers blasting pretentious crap all over the place. It is the general hope that assorted thoughtful citizens might take direct action on this.

Perhaps a fertilizer fuel truck bomb in  the right spot or some such civic action. This would truly be a heroic act for the folks of Brooklyn.

All this brings us to the matter of the current Pope.  Above "Regular Guy" possibly Commie Pontiff takes tram to work.

I really haven't been paying much attention to this Pope. What with all the baggage, and unresolved drama between me, and Holy Mother Church. It was a hostile separation to say the bleeping least.

Still I'm hearing all this cool noise about the guy. This Pope Francis is being compared to Pope John the XXIII. That's the last Pontiff I liked...that a lot of folks liked.

 Get this his opinion on Queers, "...who am I to judge?"


Yeah my reaction as well.  Sort of like when Obama publicly referred to Gaie's during his first campaign. Anyway this guy has been saying things that could have got a clergy suspended under the last boss.

Lately he's going after the evils of global capitalism.

I'm a little afraid for this guy. He's setting himself up to ahem eh, "die in his sleep"...ahem. This most recently happened to Pope John Paul the First. The Vatican bosses tend to protect themselves, and their ways very directly, and finally.

To make matters even more scary for Pope Francis has openly said he's going after the Curia. These are the Boss of Bosses of the Church. This would be as if Obama said he was after that 1% of the 1% that owns all of us.

I hope I keep breathing 'cause it looks like interesting times ahead.

Stay  Tuned.

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