Saturday, March 15, 2014

"Love is the only Way out of this Mess"

Silly as it sounds Peace, and Love is the only way out of this insane awful Mess! Russia, and the Ukraine about to go to War?! It even sounds Crazy. Throw away all those centuries of nationalist hates, and fears. It doesn't even look like fun.  

I think the only people enjoying this are the cowards bullies, and killers that started it.

These guys are Cannibals.

They want to 'eat' you 'all' for lunch. So maybe you shouldn't listen to them. Anyway I think everybody would be a lot happier eating fucking, and getting drunk or maybe like Marcel above dressing up. 

(Read more about our hero up there on my "Dragonfly" on lower right.)

Stay Tuned.


  1. Marcel is where it's at! Good on him for sticking it to that bully-in-office. He's a brave lad. Good taste in clothes, too. Harlequin pants and pink sparkly belts should be all the rage for boys.

    BTW, in a few days I may be going offline for white a while. Not to worry. I'll be working on discreetly erotic images of Eros the Liberator, whose services this world is in dire need of, and attending to assorted other personal obsessions.

    I hope you're avidly planning your trip. Don't forget to drop in on Charlie. I can just picture you and him dipping your croissants in your coffee and chewing the fat at some sidewalk cafe in Gay Paree.


  2. That's "quite a while," of course.

    You're right, love is the only way. Make Love Not War is as timely a motto as ever.

    There oughta be a new Profiles In Courage series about people like young Marcel here, and Harry Hay & Quentin Crisp. Now those are real heroes.



  3. Yeah, Harry Hay was quite the guy. They are in short supply these days! Uncle Sydney is among the brave heroes we have left.

    Good luck Z. I'll await your return.

  4. Bad news! This has just been posted on Josh's Milkboys:

    Goodbye Everyone

    As some of you know the server for milkboys costs $300 per month. So far we could pay for that with the ads on the site. Alas the site we get the vast majority of our ad money from is almost three weeks late with their payment by now which means that we couldn’t pay for the server for the next month anymore. Seeing how they were already two weeks late with the last payment I’m not too optimistic about the future regarding their ad-service. If there’s any news about milkboys related projects we’ll let you know @

    TL;DR: The server hosting this blog & the milkboard will shut down in 24 hours and most likely not come back. If you want to save your content from the board, you should do so now.

    Update: We’re working with the milkboard team to try and keep the site up for at least another month so we have a bit of time to look into alternatives to these ads.

    I’d also like to thank our readers and users for all their support over the years and today, you’re amazing and it’s great to know that our little site made your lives a tiny bit better <3

  5. So long for now "Z" give'em Heck!!

    Btw cool newz! "Milkboys" least till May anyhow. By then it's hoped something more stable can be worked out. I think I'll send them some of my retirement dough so they can keep making trouble.

    Yeah me, and Charlie sipping wine at an out door cafe on a fine Spring day as I woo him with my middle school French. Of course he'll find that charming, and will be endeared with me all the more.

    Stay Tuned.