Wednesday, March 5, 2014



  1. Actually I don't think they've invaded yet. From what I've read, Ukraine signed on to an agreement back in the 1990s granting Russia the right to keep up to 25,000 military personnel in Crimea; that's where the Russian navy's got its only port that doesn't ice shut for part of the year. They're not gonna give that up. Maybe when the Crimean mud dries out a bit, around May or so, then we'll see some jackboot action; or so I've heard it suggested.

    This is not good news for Ukrainian gays. Uncle Vlad isn't exactly queer-friendly. But they should also blame the bungling US and EC "diplomats" and their Ukrainian nazi-sympathizing wannabe puppets, who apparently hired the snipers that shot both protesters and policemen(?!) in Kiev.

    Here's what seems a pretty good blog on the topic:

    Dmitry Orlov's blog is also worth checking out.


  2. Orlov has something on Ukraine? Gotta take a look.

  3. OMG! Orlov has a ton of shit on Ukraine. All excellent too as is to be expected from this dude. Thanks for the info Z.