Saturday, March 29, 2014

"Leaking Kidneys"

 That's what mine are apparently kidneys that is. They're leaking protein.

Good fucking grief!

I've been going through a medical whirlwind for the last several days. I've been getting poked, and prodded till the cows come home. Seems my dear sister, and my doctor a swell gal Dr. Chan...she looks like my aunt Sybil. Seems these two got it into their heads to save my life...I told them don't bother.

They went, and did it anyway.

The good news is I don't need dialysis, and I'm not going blind my heart is ticking along okay as well. They got to me in time. After years of not treating my diabetes shit was finally hitting the fan. I couldn't barely walk my vision was clouding shooting pains all that swell stuff.

So now I'm under serious care with tons of meds. I even have that thing that you prick ya finger with to get your sugar levels. I have no idea how the damned thing works, but I'll figure it out.

Oh yeah... I'm now officially destitute which means I get the works. The government gravy train only the very wealthy, and the seriously poor get. When I had a job there was no chance in hell of getting shit. So it's the SSI cornucopia of meds, and assorted goodies for me...eventually. This shit takes a few months to set up.
Bottom line looks like I don't get to die anytime soon. The down side is getting poked, and stuck with sharp needles a lot, and taking all shorts of pills from now on.

BTW all this is happening in Chinatown...long story there.

Anyway all my doctors are China born ladies. I loves'em. They're seriously cool, and actually care what happens to you. They all look like my relatives too. I like China town. As ya knows my Grandma was Chinese my mother spoke Chinese at home. So I feel safe, and at home down there.

There's odd moments though.

I went for my heavy duty eye exam to see if I was going blind...that would'a been a bummer. Well I goes over to the place on Canal, and Bowery.  I goes in, and there's 100 little old Chinese ladies in the waiting room all yakking various dialects of Chinese. So there I am this big apparent black guy with all these old dragon ladies.

Well we got on just fine thanks.

The moral of the story is don't let serious shit get out'a hand.
I'm on a serious health journey that's going to take a while to stabilize. but if I take the damned meds, and do the new dietary thing I get to live to do more stupid radio shows, and blogs that nobody reads.

What could be better than that?

One more thing. My Doctor, Dr. Chan is cleared by the Secret Service to in an emergency treat elected officials...including you know who.


Stay Tuned.

(Here's my "China Connection" I posted this a while ago. Let's see it again.)


  1. I like the way Groucho is giving the lady a shoeshine. So thoughtful.

    I'm glad they caught all this in time. Is your Chinese grandma the one who liked to dress you in gingham and whatnot? Come to think of it, way back in the day that was the usual thing for little boys.

    I still haven't lost my connection, but it's slowed down a good deal. Maybe they've just put me on dial-up or something.

    Take good care of yourself Sidney! I hope you still get to go to Paris and see Charlie.


  2. I'm glad you're OK. As for you're diet, suck it up. That shit food is killing everyone slowly. I could easily live on Asian foods. Especially Pho!