Saturday, March 8, 2014

"Spring Thaw"

For the first time since December I went out without having to dress in steamy layers. The temps were above freezing. It was a blazing heatwave in the low 40f's!

Break out the "Lime Rickie's!"

My ideal weather is the low to mid 60's with very mild humidity. Right we get that for only a few days in the year. Generally, and now especially with Climate Change it's blizzard to heatwave overnight.

Fuck it.

I look forward to sitting in the park with colorful blooms inching their way out of the ground all around me.

As for my favorite topic my health, and hopefully continued breathing,...well. So far so good. Things should get better as the season changes. Although I just went through a period of extreme exhaustion. Weird I slept for a few days. Could barely make it to the deli, and back.

"Holy Crap" I wondered, this it?

Not likely. It seems I'll be around paying taxes for a while yet. Times are confusing for me just now. What with moving new surroundings. This, and other mysterious jazz I have to deal with in my new life style of being aged retired profoundly pissed off, and bored.

I'm finally getting a passport, and all sorts of other official stuff that one now needs in this Age of Terror. My family wants to send me someplace. Umm I assume they want me to come back. Anyway they think I should go on some sort of trip to start my Golden Years...they're buying.

So long as it's a 'round trip ticket okay, and no I'd rather not go to Disneyland Ukraine.

I'll let you know where they're deporting me to as soon as the clouds of chaos, and current mayhem in my life clears up. I was wondering if I was going gaga what with these clouds of confusion going on all the time. What do you think?

Anyway I'm still alive, and looking to cause more trouble.

Btw I'm on the air in a few hours,...5am NYC time. Go to, and listen live or look up the archives. 5am Saturday..."Saturday Morning w/the Radio On. Join my other 12 listeners.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Sidney, Every GLBTQ person I know who's gone there loves London. Lot's of places to go and see. They all do B&B for lodging, and pub food for meals.

  2. I hit send too soon. You could go to Stonehenge, Wales, Go see the "The Village" (remember the show The Prisoner in the 60's? it was filmed in Portmeirion).

  3. A trip - that's a great idea! You should go. And remember, Charlie lives in Paris.

    I understand what you mean about being profoundly pissed off, right down to the ground I do. But I'll kvetch about that some other time. Now's the time for you to be planning your itinerary.


  4. Yeah love to see Stonehenge, and the Brit Museum. I'd like to see a kidney pie as well...not to eat mind you. Just to see such a concoction. Oh Charlie be still my heart. Yeah he's a twenty something now, but I won't hold that against him. Now how do you say '...don't shoot I'm Canadian" in French.