Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"One Coffee!...Black no Sugar"

Right! No more Mr. Nice Guy! Above is my fifth cousin thrice removed Barry. I think he's in politics or something. Anyway he did me a solid by modeling the design for my new uniform as "Supreme Over Lord of Heaven Earth, and fucking Hell!

Okay it needs more work com'on this is just a first draft.

Still ya gets the idea. Your Life, and Immortal Souls are Mine to do with as I please! Thanks "Z", and comrades in the comments section of the below post. Very good suggestions indeed. Real estate, and religion are the foundations of the 1000 year gang-bang!

This is my pal Abe from the Jewish bakery around the corner. My gawd can he make a mean knish! Anyway he's down with the whole world hegemony thing. Here he is in another uniform idea we've been tinkering with...has possibilities.

  The "Uncle Sydney Youth" above singing the official camp fire song of the 
Movement. "The Skin Flute Serenade"

The "Bondage Sissy Brigade" of the People's All Revolutionary Work Release Program.

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