Friday, June 27, 2014

"A Pisser"

Greetings Comrades. Well tomorrow is not only the 100th anniversary of the plugging of the Arch Duke of Austria there by starting the second 100 Years War. As it happens it's also the,...I think 46th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, and Queer Rebellion.

Current stroller pushing mutants not withstanding.

Well who'd a thunk it. Queers started World War One, and some Serbian maniacs in the pay of the Serbia secret police started a Fag Revolution. I tell ya you can't make bleep like this up!

All mayhem aside this date carries some serious shit comrades. 

One couldn't exist without the other. Without the multi-part 100 Years 20th century War. There would not have been the 1950's/60's prosperity which made possible the Civil Rights Movement the Free Speech Movement the Beatniks the Hippies, and their direct decedent the Radical Faggotry of the 1970's. 

Granted all the above movements existed in one form or another anyway, but the "post-war" mid-20th century *American "prosperity" gave them all a gigantic push forward.

Ain't history a pisser.

*(Sure as shit it wasn't remotely evenly distributed, but it was still to this date the largest transfer of wealth to the working, and middle classes in western history. True this transfer was stopped, and reversed in later decades, but still.)

Stay tuned. 

(Btw "GLF" below is the group I joined in the summer of 1970. It was just as advertized "Gay Liberation". Note on the banner the Fag, and Dyke symbols were together in sister, and brotherhood. Oh what generous loving times they were.

All folks regardless of variety weirdness or non/anti-mainstream way of life were totally welcome. They were sweet hopeful daze for the likes of me, and other assorted Sexual Outlaws, and Mad Artists.

This before the witch trial like era of the mid to late 1980's when the "Who is Really Gay" inquisitions began. Perverts were tossed out as the movement ceased it's radical image, and began it long decent into the safe mainstream. 

As I've said both here, and on the air if the original as they were then Stonewall soldiers showed up at the various alleged "gay community centers" today the nice normal folks there would probably call the cops.

Can't have all them dirty commies, and perverts near our daycare center can we. Oh what would Rimbaud, and Burroughs think, and or say.)


  1. Well Burroughs was around at the time, so what *did* he say? I bet Rimbaud would have been witheringly scornful of straight gays.

    The cycle of history is a washer-agitator full of broken glass and other nastiness. What isn't shredded shrinks in the end.

    As for the historical cycles we've seen with their peaks and troughs, the Gay Liberation Front, Fag Rag, Harry Hay and their ilk seem to me almost like a soliton: a frequency consisting of ONE wave. I hope that's not so, and that such expansive brave and freedom-loving times will come again, but I don't expect to live to see them. More shit like WWI and its associated foreplay are much more likely to be in store for us.


  2. I feel so Blessed to have been stumbling around in that era. My gawd we actually took it all for granted as if it would always be so.

    Not only so, but get better, and better.

    Like all revolutionaries we were ignorant of history. We didn't know how the first flush of rebellion, and freedom would be replaced by the need to be practical. In some revolts the dreamers were just outright shot beheaded disappeared when they got in the way one time too many for the Robespierre types.

    In our revolt we were just made non-persons.

    Un-People which we remain to this day. We're what they were,...Criminals. Now they're honorary normals...straight gays. Whereas we remain dirty fearful dangerous perverts.

    Sexual Outlaws.

    I wear these "Pink Letters" with Honor.