Saturday, June 21, 2014

"Another Timmy Paragraph"


Timmy Tom, Timmy Tom the Half Angel opened his eyes.

Angel eyes.

Eyes that burn like coals.

Eyes that flash the Spectrum's.

Eyes that can pierce your Soul!

He'd been asleep for a long time. Angels even Half Angels like Timmy can sleep for Ages. Mountains can rise, and fall oceans come, and go even the stars ever dancing above us can change their positions before an Angel awakes.

Though Timmy Tom's rest was not that long. In celestial terms just a nap really. Barely a fifth of a human life had passed before Timmy stirred, and opened his eyes.

Golden eyes.

Flaming eyes.

The moon was waning dawn was coming.

Timmy sitting up began to remember. He remembered being abandoned. Being left forsaken, but then found.

Timmy Tom was found, and raised by Wild Poodles on Central Park West. They taught him everything he would need to know to survive in a world like ours.

Killer Ninja skills.

Mastery if the Arts, and Sciences.

Good Fashion sense, but most of all the knowledge to never 'ever' but retail!

Thus armed Timmy Tom the Half Angel entered the World! 

He was fully awake now. 

He yawned, and stretched. He had slept near to a human generation.  I-Pods must certainly be in museums by now he thought. 

Also on reflection he wasn't so sure about those poodles or the park. It might have been a dream or more likely a comic book he'd read.

Timmy Tom the Half Angel blinked eyes of fire stood spread his Raphael Angel wings his halo glistening 'round him, and lifted into the air!

He flew as a feather on the breath of the G-ddess.

...To be continued.

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  1. The long Timmy Tom the Angel saga is a very personal thing. In fact one of my radio listeners asked if he was a surrogate child for me,....I guess he was or is. Mind you not everyone liked the stories.

    Especially when it got overtly Queer.

    The rubes did like the t-shirts though. (See this, and other "T.T." posts.) Which I called the first openly Queer Porn radio adverts in the world. However civilians thought, and still think it's just a cute faerie/Angel design.

    (...heh heh heh..we know better.)