Saturday, June 21, 2014

"In Honor of Queer Mayhem Month"

In honor of straight~gay fudge-packing month here's a few out takes from Harry Potter's, and Ron's Nuptials. I think I posted the others last winter some time.

Anyway what with the celebrations by all the homophile stroller pushing taxpayers out there I thought it only sweet as candy to put up a few more snaps of the happy day.

My what a couple. The ceremony was held at the Toy Town Buddhist Temple. Barbie performed the rite, and there was hardly a dry eye to be seen.

Afterward there was the ingesting of huge amounts of ice cream, and Peyote.  Ron was especially taken with the special crop of Peyote flown in special for the celebrations. you can see above. ...Ahem.

Eh,...Draco could not be reached for comment.

Stay tuned.

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