Friday, June 6, 2014


Back in the late 1800's Brooklyn was still an independent city. That is till Boss Tweed, and company stole it, and added it to the greater Emerald City empire! Bastards. Above is the wrenched once proud Brooklyn City Hall.

Brooklyn was a free city since the Dutch ran City Hall. That all ended at the hands of corrupt plutocrats, and assorted scallywags.

The view from Brooklyn City Hall of the Manhattan Bridge, and the further uptown Empire State Building. Note the trees which as it turns out 'do' grow in Brooklyn.

"Betty" the guardian of Brooklyn which stands atop the copula of the Brooklyn City Hall. As it happens she's no longer gold plated, but painted gold. This done during WW2 to save dough to kick that paper hangers butt!

Not bad huh? Though in some dis-repair Brooklyn's City Hall still has vestiges of beauty, and pride! Over 130 years of cruel occupation by the forces of the Emerald City have not dampened the spirit of the resistance of the valiant local populace.

Remember Comrades,...put sugar in their gas tanks, and paste up porn everywhere!


  1. I wanna see that gal with the sword and scales get a workout, especially down on Wall Street. Her name ain't just Betty ya know!


  2. Nice pictures and nice tourist pics of Manhattan. Just checking in .. and saying "Hello Sydney". Glad you are out and about.

  3. The Sword of the People's Swift, and Bloody Justice, and Righteous Vengeance!! Kick plutocratic butt Comrade Betty!

    Out'n about I am. The don't get rid of me that easy!

  4. Her vorpal blade went snicker-snack.