Saturday, June 14, 2014

"The Half Angel Returns...again"

The thing about characters you create is that after a while they take on lives of their own. This is true no matter if you're a pro or entry level story hacker. My beloved character "Timmy Tom" certainly did this.

He began as a children's story, and ended up as a Queer Anarchist Comix Book adventure. Long story there, but ya gets the drift.

Anyway my little pal, and his boyfriend went through all manner of mayhem in their journey from cute kiddy story to being bank robbing Queer Daddies.

Hey they knocked over Mob Casio's, and Fed gold depositories to feed the hungry. Com'on it was win-win for everybody. Our heroes Timmy, and his main squeeze June June laundered the gold with the Buddhist Mafia for cash.

Them Buddhists used the gold to build temples, and our pals used the cash to feed, and otherwise support battered wives runaways homeless veterans, and the generally fucked over'n over taxed.

Everybody happy.

Well okay except for the Mob, and the bleeping U.S. Gobbermint...bleep'em!

Yeah yeah it's all a long story ya had to be there yada cool. 

The Saga starts anew below. Btw I have no idea where June June got to. Timmy sez the last he saw of him was in some  leather bar  in Shanghai. Though he thinks he'll show up sooner or later.

Okay lets get to it...


Timmy Tom, Timmy Tom the Half Angel opened his eyes.

Angel eyes.

Eyes that burn like coals.

Eyes that flash the Spectrum's.

Eyes that can pierce your Soul!

He'd been asleep for a long time. Angels even Half Angels like Timmy can sleep for Ages. Mountains can rise, and fall oceans come, and go even the stars ever dancing above us can change their positions before an Angel awakes.

Though Timmy Tom's rest was not that long. In celestial terms just a nap really. Barely a fifth of a human life had passed before Timmy stirred, and opened his eyes.

Golden eyes.

Flaming eyes.

The moon was waning dawn was coming.

Timmy sitting up began to remember. He remembered being abandoned. Being left forsaken, but then found.

Timmy Tom was found, and raised by Wild Poodles on Central Park West. They taught him everything he would need to know to survive in a world like ours.

Killer Ninja skills.

Mastery if the Arts, and Sciences.

Good Fashion sense, but most of all the knowledge to never 'ever' but retail!

Thus armed Timmy Tom the Half Angel entered the World!

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