Thursday, June 26, 2014

"We're Desperate for Peace"


  1. Well I want *a* Piece!

    And if everybody got what they want, we'd probably have World Peace to boot. At least I think that's what Wilhelm Reich suggested, more or less. We need his Orgone Blast-off, big time!


  2. Most folks are fairly peaceful. I mean if life, and the system would just stop fucking them over for a minute.

    Food shelter education artistic spiritual outlets friends family, and a few other nice things is all any of us need.

    We all know this too.

    What with the world so connected we now all know the same basic truths. No big speeches needed we all just Know.

    'Not sure how the change will come, but it will come. The alternative is extinction. Not just for us, but for most of the biosphere as we know it.

    So lets do the Change.