Saturday, June 21, 2014

My Passport Pictures"

The Feds ought to like this one. It's plain, and business-like. Yeah no trouble here. Also the glasses are a nice touch.

Okay the problem here is that there's a serious bacon fire going on.This was taken in my kitchen. Word to the wise. Do not put a mess of bacon on the stove, and just wander off. Them little bastards tend to go crazy in no time.

I had this taken in my bathroom. I hang a bunch of Buddhist tapestries in there...long story. Anyway I figure this one is the best. 

I'd really like it in my Passport. 

I'm sure any customs official say in Rwanda the Sudan North Korea or Eastern Ukraine would surely see the humor in this, and smile as they stamped my papers, and happily passed me through.

Failing that I would attempt to explain that in fact I am sometimes a stuffed bunny. I never know when it will happen, and if they need confirmation they need only contact the American legation.

Yeah I'm sure it'll work out fine.

Okay I tried a sporty look with this shot. Perhaps the more tropical countries like say Cuba would see the playfulness in this. Of course the comrades down there artistic I hear would see the radical humor of a guy with a stuffed bunny on his passport.

I'm sure or at least pretty sure they wouldn't shoot me or send me to one of them steamy Gulag things for some number of years. In any case the American legation as I mentioned earlier would untie any diplomatic knots my attempt at international humor may cause.

At least I sincerely hope so.


  1. I'm sure it'll all work out. Once you explain your stuffed rabbit sitch to the honchos at Customs they'll probably share a beer with you, along with lots of laughs, and stamp your passport for an extra long stay without charging, with your first night free at the local Hilton or Holiday Inn.


  2. Exactly I'm glad you see my point. Certainly Customs agents around the world will see the jolly humor in all this. After all that profession is noted for it's broad sense of fun, and liberal attitudes about semi-legal entry into whatever the country in question.

    I'm sure I'm going to have an interesting time as I travel.