Saturday, June 28, 2014

"Wadda Kid"

 My most dear sister above at her re-union up at Smith College. They all wore Suffragettes hats. To the kids there it must have made sense What with anything more than five years ago is very ancient history.

Better if they wore hot pants, and hippie beads, on the other hand the hats are just as well. I wouldn't look so cool in my old bell bottoms, and Tye-dyed t-shirt.

Anyway I slapped her visage up there out'a respect, and love! She's got it into her head to keep me alive...why who knows. Her, and her doctor of which she's trying to get me to marry.

Still I'm her latest project. Well me, and some documentary she's filming. 

Being a weirdo, and award winning commie pervert I was estranged from most of my family most of the time. Hey they bleeped me over good'n hard, but I forgave'em anyway.

It's too much trouble to hate anyone.

Sylvia, and I were always close though. Even through them unloving estranged years. So yeah when the shit hit the wood-chipper health, and career-wise here she came to make me laugh, and generally keep me alive, and eating all the curry I can handle.

Wadda kid!

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