Friday, June 6, 2014

"Totally Fucked Up Shit"

What times we live in. What should have been an occasion for joy, and celebration has devolved into an ugly political slug-fest. Then Private Bowe Bergdahl promoted while in his five year captivity to Sargent is the center of the latest battle of the decades long American Culture Wars.

Was he lured away or did he desert. Were six other soldiers killed trying to find him or not. I've read several versions of this. Was he a willing convert or a real P.O.W.?

Who the fuck cares...HE'S HOME!

He native town has been harassed into canceling any home-coming ceremonies. His parents are under fire for their efforts to get him back. His father learning the dialect the Taliban uses so he could talk to them direct. So on, and so on.

The right-wing Fox News echo chamber...ya know the same one that said that what's his name was going to beat Obama in a land-slide? 

Yeah that one. 

Anyway they're whipping up their fans into a foaming lynch mob frenzy. Some are saying it would have been better if he was killed by his captors. At the very least they want the poor bastard court martial-ed, and tossed back into the klink.

...this time an American one.

This is tired sick shit. The overseas press is mystified at all this demented whooie. Our pals the French say, "...So much in The United States has been criminalized. Even surviving years as a prisoner of war in now an offense."

This mayhem will play itself out in a few weeks only to return like the Benghazi non-conspiracy during the fall mid-term elections. Btw come November vote like your Social Security check depended on it...'cause it does.

This whole affair is shameful sad, and a national embarrassment. Not for what Sgt. Bergdahl may or may not have done to be captured, but for what cynical vicious forces are making of it.

Stay tuned. 

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