Saturday, June 21, 2014

"My Annual Hot Kitchen Photo"

Well it's that time of year again. Here's one of my dolls slowly cooking in my kitchen as the temperature tops 100f. Granted the official temp for the Emerald City was a chilly 90f.

 This in Central Park.

(At 2:PM it hit 102f in my kitchen. It dropped, see second photo, to a frosty 96f or so towards evening.)

Btw Central Park is where the City weather station is, and official readings taken. Thing is though no one lives under the nice shade trees of the Park. Not even the Homeless. They were cleared out many years ago.

Can't have them disturbing the rich tourista's.  

Anyhow as by now you long time fans know that my greasy kitchen gets direct sunlight is broadsided by the summer sun this time of year.

Hot Stuff!

I abandon most of my home from June to October. Too damned hot. I live in my refrigerated bedroom, and watch old monster movies on DVD. That, and over eat. Well okay not so much what with my healthy new diet...this so I don't die...right away.

Yeah I lays off the usual goodies like anything fried or with grease or sugar or salt or taste. It's boiled leaves, and mush for your dear beloved editor.


Anyway never mind what the calendar sez it's officially summer at least at my house. 

To da Beach!!!


  1. Every Summer I go nut, and complain big time about the Hellish Emerald City Heat!


    This Bleeping Summer will be No Exception!

    Dammit it's Hot out there!!!!!!!

    Unkie Syd

  2. It's so Hot I'm too burnt out to log in!

  3. Metal foil mounted on cardboard or whatnot and placed in your windows, facing outward, will repel the sun's heat for quite a while. I'm not saying it'll keep things totally cool all day, not at all, but helps quite a lot.